Quality Auto Body Repair in Selma, IN

If your car or truck has been damaged in a crash or collision, Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc. is here to provide timely and accurate auto body work. Vehicle owners in Selma, IN trust us to deliver superior results that they can appreciate behind the wheel and on the road. As an independent auto body shop, we’re not tied to any big name brand that dictates our prices or performance, yet we still maintain the certification and training necessary to provide exceptional service and repairs.

Beyond Your Basic Selma Collision Shop

Among auto body shops in Selma, IN, Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc. takes the initiative to go above and beyond the basic requirements necessary to operate a vehicle repair facility. Our technicians take serious interest and pride in their work, pursuing extra training when necessary to best serve our customers. We strive to establish meaningful relationships with our customers based on our automotive knowledge and experience—and our ability to provide exceptional repairs.

Selma, IN Auto Body Repair Shop & Service Center

Cars today are quite complex pieces of machinery. Like our technicians, our Selma facility is up to the task of capably handling even the most complex auto body repairs. We have computerized diagnostics to accurately assess automotive problems, and state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate the repair process.

In Selma, IN, Trust Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc. After an Accident!

Please don’t hesitate to bring your car or truck to Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc. in Selma, IN for quality auto body repairs! To make an appointment, contact us online or call (765) 789-6995. We promise to put all of our skills, resources, and experience behind getting you back on the road as soon as possible.