Automotive Collision Repair & Services for Albany, IN

At Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc., we have every service you need to get back on the road securely and with peace of mind.


We do all types of body repair work, from big collisions to fender benders, deer hits and framework to car dents. Our repairs, including glass work, alignment, and bumper-to-bumper repair, will match how the car was originally built according to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.

Environmentally Friendly Auto Paint
Collision Services Albany

Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc. is a full-service automotive repair shop. Our services include:

  • All types of collision
  • All Makes
  • All Insurance Types
  • Alignment
  • Arrange Towing & Rental
  • Complete Vehicle Paint Jobs
  • Deer Collision Repair
  • Frame work
  • Glass replacement
  • Paint
  • PDR
  • Restoration
  • Rust repair
  • We Warranty All of Our Work
  • Window Tinting

Environmentally Friendly Auto Paint

Here at Wright Way Collision Repair, Inc. we use RM Paint, the premium paint brand in the automotive refinish industry. RM Paint is a waterborne based paint which means water is the primary "solvent". Waterborne paints have been recognized as an alternative to solvent based paints. The volatile organic compound or VOC of waterborne paints is significantly lower than convential paints thereby reducing toxic emissions that harm the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Auto Paint
Collision Services Albany

Bet you didn't know:

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident you have the right to:

  • Choose your own auto body shop:

Have your car towed to the car shop of your choice. Don't let your insurance company specify a shop so they can receive a discount on your auto repairs. Call your insurance company and advise them of your vehicle's location. Let your body shop go over the damage with your insurance company representative.

  • Have your car restored to pre-accident condition:

Your car should look and perform the way it did before the accident. Even minor cosmetic damage should also be repaired at this time. Every little car dent can lead to rust damage later and will deduct from the value of your car.

  • What to do if you are in an accident
  • What you don't have to do if you are in an accident
  • Can you choose your own collision shop?

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Auto Body Before Repair
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